Month: September 2018

How to Deliver a Good Business Presentation

Do you know how to deliver a good business presentation? This is one of the key ingredients that will take your business to the next level. Besides, giving an effective presentation is fun and really provides a sense of personal power.

So if you where required to give a presentation, would you know how to give an effective presentation? Below are tips to ensure your success.

1. Plan ahead. Plan potential questions ahead, if you have a standard response prepared for certain questions, when you do find them being fired at you you can respond effectively and congruently. I usually tend to think up a set of standard responses that I can give as an answer to multiple questions. This will save the amount you need to memorize and help you focus on giving a good presentation.

2. Know the format. Understanding the format of the setting you are going to present at will help you give a good presentation. If you understand the layout of the land, where you will be standing in relation to your audience will really help your presentation be good. You should also understand the format of the presentation. Will it be you be giving your business presention as part of someone else meeting or will you be having the entire session to yourself. Will you be introduced to present yourself or will someone else do it for you? Knowing these little tidbits will all help you relax and focus on delivering a quality business presentation.

3. Know your Audience. To ensure you deliver a good presentation you should understand your targeted audience. By understanding your audience you can really establish some deep rapport. If you are speaking to a very refined group you may want to fine tune your business presentation to ensure you use refined tones and gestures. If you are speaking to a group of tradesmen, you would be far better off being blunt and using strong body language to put an emphasis on your business presentation.

If you follow the tips outlined here you will have much better success in delivering a good business presentation. It comes down to eliminating the what-ifs and the other details so you can focus on your content.

Simon Maselli’s life reads like a fairytale and what tale is complete without disaster. This is exactly what Simon felt during several weeks of September 2008 as his wealth was dissolved and his personal life shattered.

Doing Good Business

Do you have plans to start a business? Maybe you’re thinking about what kind of business you’re going to invest in, the amount of budget capital needed and the target market for the business. But more than having to need a plan you must also make sure that you carry them out in precisely the correct order or your business will end up with disastrous outcomes and lost profits. So here are some tips in doing good business:

· Everything within the budget – apparently your business can only go as far as your budget capital can and anything beyond that would be bank loans and debts. So make sure that everything you will spend, from marketing, procurements and payroll has to be within the scope of only what you can spend. Besides, it’s never good to start a business on loans just do what you can with what you got.

· Plan a good marketing strategy – your business doesn’t have to have a huge budget in order to make it work. In fact most of the successful people in history started out with so little that it’s almost impossible to believe that they were able to raise an empire out of their spare change. They only had a great idea and a very good plan to make it all work out – and it did!

· Take your business to where the customers are – you don’t go fishing in a pond do you? Of course not! That would be absolutely useless, no, you go to where the fish are which is in rivers, lakes and seas. The same is true with any business. No one sets up a store in the middle of nowhere, all stores are found in cities and urban areas and that’s because there are people there to buy what you’re selling. Basically any individual, crowd or masses can be a potential customer and the idea is to encourage them to make a purchase.

· Make a good presentation of your product or service – as part of your marketing strategy, you must understand the importance of having a very good presentation of your product or service. This is where the advertisements come in and you can make your presentation in print, audio or video formats. In fact most business owners do all three and they even have ads on the internet as well.

· Put up a good fight – it is very rare that something new and unique will appear in business today, so presumably yours is just a variation of a business that’s already in circulation. The number one thing to keep in mind about business variation is that there will be competition. You will be forced to do whatever it takes to outperform your competitors or they’ll be the ones who will kick you out of the business. Lucky you if you have an entirely new idea and little or no competition will go against it.

· Hire an accounting firm – whether you’re operating a small or a large business the accounting and bookkeeping work can become a problem for you. To avoid unnecessary problems such as this (which is also very time consuming) it would be best to hire an accounting firm to balance your checks, do your bookkeeping and calculating your taxes.

· Evaluate your efforts – and last but not the least you need to retrace your steps in order to determine if you should go forward and expand your business or to hold back and pile up your profits in the mean time.

Business Ideas Make Good Business

Ideas are the genesis of all things, seen and unseen. In the same way, business ideas are the genesis of all things business, service and product.

All things in this universe began with an idea. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that did not spawn from an idea. Look around you and take note of what you see. If you are in an office, you might see a desk, a computer, a bookshelf, wood flooring, a lamp, some wall texture, a fan…

You may be on your back porch. You might see a fence, a pool, some trees, some shrubs, a pond, a street…

Think of all that you feel. The air, the heat, the cool, the gravitational pull, the soft fur of a cat…

All things were made or created from the source of an idea. For the idea had to be there for the action of making to begin. Just as a burn follows heat or a fall results from gravitation, the existence of all actions or products come forth from ideas.

All are there because of an idea in the mind of someone, somewhere, thought. God “thought” of the created universe before He made it. Humankind “thinks” of products before they make them. Think of anything in all of human experience that has reality and you will discover that the existence thereof resulted from a thought.

The dictionary defines an idea as a thought or aim or purpose, a belief or function of reason… leading to a possible course of action. Note that action is a part of idea. The two abide together.

No idea has meaning outside of action. In other words, to merely think of an idea cannot be qualified unless there is action to follow. In business, this concept finds perfect illustration.

Business ideas lead to business realities. Business ideas are the spring board from which business energy, business inertia, business action and business success come forth.

We find that people who ask questions, who seek the “why” in all things, life and business, become the innovators and the movers and shakers of the world.

Because they think.

For any existing business to succeed and to grow, the individuals behind it must think of business ideas as a way of life. For any new business to find a place in the world, the individuals behind it must think of business ideas as a way of life. Simply copying status quo will never do it. Or at least not do it well. For to succeed, to be cutting edge and effective and powerful, all innovators must think. And they must think with intent, with purpose, with creativity.

This concept may sound a little esoteric, a little abstract, but I assure you it is not. This concept is very, very basic, for without it little can be done. The strategy for building anything of value (yes and it surely applies to business in general) rests upon the ability of the entrepreneur to think and act upon business ideas in a meaningful way.

As a business entrepreneur, to succeed you must go the beginning to discover what this “business” thing is all about, and you will always find it begins with business ideas, produced from the mind of innovative people on a path to create and build something of value. And that’s what good business is all about.

Rhett Kniep is a licensed building contractor and real estate broker. For over a decade he has successfully worked in the real estate investment business, buying and rehabbing and selling investment homes, commercial real estate, and businesses. He enjoys sharing his learned insights in business sales and development with others.