We are all there but we came through very different routes. Some of us wanted to be there right from the start, some had no other option for survival and others are there because from what they have seen, it seems to be a good venture.

The place is “The Entrepreneurial World”.

No matter what route led us there, most of us reading this article are either wannabe or true entrepreneurs. Now comes the all-important question for those looking to start a business of their own-What Do I sell or provide. Without wasting your time, let me walk you quickly through steps you can take to help you generate business ideas.

What Do You Know?

Starting a business based on what he knows is one of the best assets and advantages a to-be entrepreneur can have when thinking of starting a business. The truth is, “The more you know, the more you can know”. Starting a business you know a lot about will save you costs in form of consultation fees and it can also help you reduce losses and failure of the business.

What Do You Love?

Search yourself. What things do you enjoy doing and how viable are they business-wise? Starting a business based on a hobby could be a good thing. You would have vigour and passion with which to push the business on.

A potential setback is that hobbies that are converted to businesses might end up being what they weren’t intended to be-chores. So think over it very well so that you don’t have both a ruined hobby as well as a ruined business.

It’s Not Compulsory To Go For The Hypey Trend

The business everyone is talking about is probably not one to delve into. Chances are the market is saturated and unless you have a deep pocket at your disposal you will face a very stiff competition to survive in such a market. This takes me to the next point where I would stop.

Love Competition

One of the very few cases where competition can be helpful is in researching a successful niche. If businesses in that niche are still afloat, then such a business could be profitable.


Starting a real world business is not as easy as people perceive it to be. It requires a lot of thoughtful planning, man management, cashflow management, tax payments and many other things. Businesses also require as much time as money. Therefore, research and plan your business very well before you set out.