Since the start of time sales folks have frequently been looked down on. You know, the used auto sales rep type. They’d chase you round the lot, promising you everything, and coming through with nothing. Folk always felt that if you purchased your new car from anybody, other then a new car showroom floor sales person, you were getting ripped off.

Direct sales have changed. Or I should say are gradually changing over a period. Really this has been about for one or two years, although not to lots of folk use it. It’s called attraction promoting. People buy from folks that they know and trust. They don’t buy from corporations. I know we receive awfully cold in the way we try to do business today. We talk with PCs, send emails, but there is no human face attached to the person on the other end of the telephone or computer. That is what still makes direct sales what it has always been. Direct head to head and eye to eye contact.

Now I’m not lessening web marketing. I am a Net marketer. My promotional system is a lead generation, and continual income producer for me. If you do not have an internet presence, you’ll soon be left behind. But we still need to get on the phonephone and talk to people. That’s where the sale is closed. The human component still has to exist and be there for that closing to take place.

A person moved into the new house that he and his better half had just purchased. They were extraordinarily excited. All of the grasslands and landscaping of all of the homes in the area, were stunning. He got right to work on his.

After months of fertilizing and and watering, his grass still had weeds and looked frightful. He finally got the nerve up to ask his neighbor for some pointers on how he could get his lawn to look like his. The person was more than happy to help with all his landscaping wishes.

Soon the man’s new yard started to take on a fresh look. Everything was looking fantastic. He ultimately asked his new neighbour how he knew so much about landscaping. He answered, I own my own landscaping business. He hired the neighbour on the spot for all his landscaping wants.

This story explains what attraction promoting is. You lead by giving out value, not by pitching some company or product. The moment you do that, folk will understand you as a leader and someone who is able to say what they are doing. You are separating yourself from the thousands of peddlers out their who are selling a company and chasing folk around shoving their product down their throats.

The most vital thing you do, is you are building relationships. Remember, folk buy from folks, not firms. Once the person in our story found out that his neighbour knew something about landscaping, and he had formed a relationship with him, he was prepared to buy what ever he was selling. Good business is good relations.