Anyone can own a business. The trick is to not only own your own business but to actually make it thrive- all of which is easier said than done. However, you cannot own a business and expect to run it successfully if you don’t have in place good business ethics. What do I mean by this? It is more than simply thinking that you are treating your employees and co-workers well. Rather, being ethical means that you make decisions with other people in mind- that you aren’t cheating them out of money somehow or being untruthful

In this day and age, running a business can sort of be like riding a bicycle. You get to a point where things are comfortable, and then you don’t really notice when the chain slips until you are pedaling and pedaling but not actually going anywhere. The same thing applies to businesses. How can you expect to get ahead when you mistreat others? Any successful business that you look closely at, you will be able to see that part of the reason for their success is based purely on how they treat other people within their industry- whether they are business associates, competitors or customers. For those who fail to follow good business practices, they may experience quick growth; but it is only a matter of time before they will fail.

In the current downed economy, it can be extremely tempting to over-charge customers or even tell an outright lie to someone regarding the price of a good or service all so that you can pick up a few extra dollars; but in the end was it worth it? How would you, a business owner, feel if you knew that someone had purposely cheated you out of money? Would you trust them again with your business? Would you send others their way to do business with them? Or, would you write a negative review about what that person did and then parade it all over town? If you were angry enough, you just might do the latter; but one thing can be sure- you certainly would not be recommending them to anyone that you know.

While there are some who hardly pay attention to it, being ethical is a serious consideration for those business-minded individuals who are looking to get ahead. More important than much of anything else, when you are ethical and fair, you actually help your business or company gain credibility. Soon, you should start to see the results of practicing ethical business ideals. When news spreads by word of mouth or otherwise about your business practice, people will learn to trust you as a reliable source for whatever goods or services you are selling. It is when we are greedy that we sometimes fail to realize the value of hard work and ethics. Often times, we confuse ‘being ethical’ and being ‘hard working’ with focusing too much on money. We forget that in order to make money and succeed in our individual business practices, it first takes hard work and ethics. More importantly, even after you have achieved success in the area that you practice in, you should still continue to employ the basic principles of ethics and learn to incorporate that even more into your current and future business practices, making sure that you hire employees who are more than informed and fluent on the subject.