Good Business is Good Relationships

Since the start of time sales folks have frequently been looked down on. You know, the used auto sales rep type. They’d chase you round the lot, promising you everything, and coming through with nothing. Folk always felt that if you purchased your new car from anybody, other then a new car showroom floor sales person, you were getting ripped off.

Direct sales have changed. Or I should say are gradually changing over a period. Really this has been about for one or two years, although not to lots of folk use it. It’s called attraction promoting. People buy from folks that they know and trust. They don’t buy from corporations. I know we receive awfully cold in the way we try to do business today. We talk with PCs, send emails, but there is no human face attached to the person on the other end of the telephone or computer. That is what still makes direct sales what it has always been. Direct head to head and eye to eye contact.

Now I’m not lessening web marketing. I am a Net marketer. My promotional system is a lead generation, and continual income producer for me.

Gifts Are Good Business Tools

Many businesses these days have to work on a shoestring budget, and even companies that appear to be very financially solvent are looking for ways to save money. However, they all know that one way to keep their employees and customers happy is to bestow gifts from time to time and gifts are also a wonderful for companies to advertise themselves. That travel coffee cup that goes from the office to the football game with the company logo on it is advertisement that business owners know can be the means of future business successes.

Gifts are just good business and a money allotted for them should be included in the annual budget. Gifts can range from very inexpensive items to very elaborate ones, which depends entirely on the financial state and discretion of the company providing them. For companies working on small budgets, there are a surprising number of gifts that can be purchased for only a few dollars. If they are purchased in bulk, then the often times the prices are reduced even further. Such items can include pocket planners, calculators, business card holders, memo pads, photo frames, and designer pens. Edible gift items such as

Good Businesses to Start in a Bad Economy

Almost all industrial businesses suffer these days because of the global economy, except the internet based home businesses, which is overall doing okay. Being small has its advantages when things need to be changed fast. A home internet business is indeed one of the good businesses to start in a bad economy.

The bad economy and home businesses
The global economy is on recession, which most companies and corporations can feel. The companies need to cut expenses to survive, which means a lot of people lost their job lately, and more will follow the coming years. This is however a good time to start your small home based business, which will become a great help to assist paying your monthly mortgage.

The risk of starting a home based business
I the old days you had to risk losing your home and other belongings if your business failed. Today this risk is close to nothing, which is the reason why home based businesses have become such a great success. We don’t need a fancy store, inventory, getting the brand new models to offer customers. The only thing we need is a computer with internet access and less

The Importance of a Good Business Name

What’s in a name? Well when it comes to businesses, a lot. The perfect name for your business allows you to stand out (in a good way of course) and get you on the minds of your target audience. The perfect name also makes the process of developing a brand much easier, as your brand itself revolves around your company name.

Of course, this isn’t to say that a good business name will somehow compensate for your lackluster products and services. Nor will it magically increase your sales.

If you’ve yet to choose a name for your business, or plan on changing the one you already have, here is a brief guide on what you can do, as well as the factors you should consider when choosing a business name.

Be Serious

Selecting a name for your business is no laughing matter. Sure it’s fun and brings out your creativity, but don’t put it on the same level as choosing a name for your pet. Remember that most of your marketing efforts will stem forth from your company name. It’s from your name where your image, brand and reputation are based on.

Diversity Is A Good Business Strategy

Many people incorporate diversity into their marketing; their proce­dures; and their hiring practices because it’s required to get government contracts, or because it’s the “right” thing to do.

You can make a strong case for doing so for either of these reasons. But there’s another, equally important reason: it makes good business sense.

In fact, there are many different types of diversity: cultural, racial, gender, and language, to name just a few. This month, we’ll talk about another kind you may not have considered: educational diversity – targeting and communicating with your customers not on the basis of any of the commonly addressed factors, but instead based on the type and level of their education.

Your customers may have done postdoctoral work in a very specific discipline of chemistry, or may not have even finished high school. They may have taken specialized technical training, or done research in the Australian Outback.

And of course, formal education is not always an accurate indicator of intelligence. We all know people who were straight-A students in school but have no commonsense whatsoever. We also know people who can’t comprehend physics, but are able to play the piano

How to Achieve Good Business Etiquette

When it comes to either organising a meeting or planning a meeting, there are certain rules should follow when it comes to achieving good business meeting etiquette. You want to build good relationships between colleagues and clients, as these are the people that can influence your success or failure.

Meetings can either be informal, or more formal. Informal meetings may not take place in the office, whereas formal meetings will mostly likely take place in a meeting room, and have a slightly stricter image. However the standard etiquette rules still apply for both meeting environments.

Normally the person who has called the meeting should conduct roles. The main role to be appointed will be the chair person for that meeting. The chair persons role is quite senior as they have to decide the time, place and agenda for that meeting. They also have to make the purpose of the meeting clear to the attending colleagues, how long it will last, and what is expected of them. During the meeting, the chair person must keep to the agenda planned out, trying to stick within the time allocations and try and get away from any tangent subjects that

Writing a Good Business Plan Takes Time

Any software, book, or course which promises the secret to writing a business plan in one day or even one week must be considered warily. The truth is that writing a good business plan takes a great deal of time, both in actual hours that must be put into it and the weeks over which the process must be spread.

Preparation is Most of the Work

The preparation, research, and planning which leads up to the actual writing of the plan constitutes most of the time required to create a business plan. Planning and strategizing cannot simply be done in a day or even a few days. Not only is it important to get feedback from advisors or other trusted parties, which can take time, but the entrepreneur himself must let the plan ruminate a bit in order to uncover aspects he may have missed or thought about incorrectly previously.

Research Time

Research for the business plan may be the most time intensive element of this preparation. Research should, ideally, be more than secondary sources such as articles, blogs, and industry reports. Primary sources, including interviews, surveys, or focus groups with customers, vendors, and