How to Deliver a Good Business Presentation

Do you know how to deliver a good business presentation? This is one of the key ingredients that will take your business to the next level. Besides, giving an effective presentation is fun and really provides a sense of personal power.

So if you where required to give a presentation, would you know how to give an effective presentation? Below are tips to ensure your success.

1. Plan ahead. Plan potential questions ahead, if you have a standard response prepared for certain questions, when you do find them being fired at you you can respond effectively and congruently. I usually tend to think up a set of standard responses that I can give as an answer to multiple questions. This will save the amount you need to memorize and help you focus on giving a good presentation.

2. Know the format. Understanding the format of the setting you are going to present at will help you give a good presentation. If you understand the layout of the land, where you will be standing in relation to your audience will really help your presentation be good. You should also understand the format of the presentation.

Doing Good Business

Do you have plans to start a business? Maybe you’re thinking about what kind of business you’re going to invest in, the amount of budget capital needed and the target market for the business. But more than having to need a plan you must also make sure that you carry them out in precisely the correct order or your business will end up with disastrous outcomes and lost profits. So here are some tips in doing good business:

· Everything within the budget – apparently your business can only go as far as your budget capital can and anything beyond that would be bank loans and debts. So make sure that everything you will spend, from marketing, procurements and payroll has to be within the scope of only what you can spend. Besides, it’s never good to start a business on loans just do what you can with what you got.

· Plan a good marketing strategy – your business doesn’t have to have a huge budget in order to make it work. In fact most of the successful people in history started out with so little that it’s almost impossible to believe that they were

Business Ideas Make Good Business

Ideas are the genesis of all things, seen and unseen. In the same way, business ideas are the genesis of all things business, service and product.

All things in this universe began with an idea. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that did not spawn from an idea. Look around you and take note of what you see. If you are in an office, you might see a desk, a computer, a bookshelf, wood flooring, a lamp, some wall texture, a fan…

You may be on your back porch. You might see a fence, a pool, some trees, some shrubs, a pond, a street…

Think of all that you feel. The air, the heat, the cool, the gravitational pull, the soft fur of a cat…

All things were made or created from the source of an idea. For the idea had to be there for the action of making to begin. Just as a burn follows heat or a fall results from gravitation, the existence of all actions or products come forth from ideas.

All are there because of an idea in the mind of someone, somewhere, thought. God “thought” of the created

Drugs Can Hurt Your Business

Over the years I have worked with many individuals who use illegal drugs in varying degrees. Often they are deceived into thinking that they enhance their performance but, even if this occurs for short periods of time, there comes a point when the line is crossed and the drugs start to take over.

All we have to do is turn on the television to see how movie stars begin using and end up repeatedly in one rehab program after another. Their fall usually also includes relationship problems and may even take the user into Court where they are sentenced because of specific actions. The initial “benefits” of using drugs had become a slippery slope that lead to loss of all the things that they had most treasured.

Well, it can be the same with prescription drugs, if they are not used as recommended. You see more does not necessarily mean better.

Think about what would happen if you took your favourite vehicle and instead of putting gas and oil into it as recommended by the dealer, you put sugar in the gas tank and ignore doing oil changes as scheduled. It likely wouldn’t take very

Personal Responsibility Is The Prescription For Anxiety

There’s a lot of anxiety out there this summer. I’ve observed a lot of worry among the talented folks I’ve coached, and often they’re frozen by it, unable to contribute the inspirational leadership they’ve always brought to their teams and organizations. In many cases they need to learn (and practice) a truth held dear by generations of great professional salespeople: If worry is the sickness, action is the cure.

Salespeople are sometimes frozen by worry. They worry that they’ll be rejected, that they’ll be left feeling bad. Like most coaches and sales managers, when I’m working with a salesperson in this mode, I always recommend action – bold, positive action, plenty of it, and right away. Make a service call to a happy customer… catch up on some paperwork… follow up with new information for someone who’s still contemplating your offer. Do something, and build some positive momentum. Suddenly the numbers game that is sales work starts to look less intimidating, and it only takes a little success to make you forget all about the worry.

I once worked for a leader who described worry as “negative goal setting.” When you set positive goals, you start by imagining a desirable future state,

The Incredible Shrinking Business


Is your downline shrinking faster than a grape in the California sun? Or worse, does your downline look more like a dying vine than the vibrant and healthy wealth generating machine you envisioned when you first got started with your business?

If that sounds familiar or it is an accurate description of your team, then there is hope for your sickly, frail, lethargic business because the Doctor is IN the house to help you.

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Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not getting weekly checks? If you’re not, then maybe what your MLM business needs is a CHECK UP.

Like any patient, your business needs a doctor. Consider me to be your MLM health practitioner and I have the prescription

A Prescription For the New Economy

By now certain concepts have been widely accepted about the recession of 2008, almost like the diagnosis of a disease. One prognosis about recovery is that we are moving into a new economy rather than returning to what once was. We are advised by the doctors (the so called experts and the business media) that to avoid coming down with another case of the economic flu in the near future we need to be inoculated with a healthy dose of innovation before venturing too far out into this new economic reality. But what type of innovation will boost our business immune system sufficiently in a new economy where viral bugs like costs, regulations and competition seem to be mutating rapidly?

Well, first I can tell you that it’s not the kind of innovation that has made the term little more than a buzzword for many of us. In this article we will explore a common sense process for understanding exactly what type of innovation is prescribed for this new economy, and some proven strategies to get it done.

In the past, the term innovation has most commonly described new products or services that create new markets